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    The climbmobile symbolizes the rise of 1899 Hoffenheim
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    cross-belt sorter

    The cross-belt sorter conquered the world market
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    wonderful works of technology

    The children admire the wonderful works of technology
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    underground loc

    The underground loc travels through the hall
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    A typical picture somewhere in the museum

offene Werkstatt

unsere fischertechnik Werkstatt kann immer samstags und sonntags von 12:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr besucht werden.
Make experiences ▪ be amazed ▪ learn in the „Erlebnispark Fördertechnik“ in Sinsheim

Since 2nd September 2012 the museum „Erlebnispark Fördertechnik“ is opened for visitors. The great importance of conveying systems is shown on 2000 m² floor area.

About 100 machines and devices – from the wheel to the high-tech machine – cannot only be visited very close but also experienced when operating. The visitor can start the conveying systems himself, must lend a hand if he wants to start a lift or to cross a fictitious river in a cable car.

Besides many different conveying machines – often donated by generous companies – the museum also shows very creative machines we built ourselves like for example a move-up vehicle which is equipped with footballs and a wild volleyball match – balls which are thrown up by numerous pneumatic cannons like in a trick fountain. Further sculptures like horses made from steel or life-size cows move their extremities driven by motors. A 200 years old cart from Romania and an about 100 years old fully functional mill lift are the oldest exhibits in the museum.

The biggest machines are a mail sorting machine and a very complex conveying machine from the USA, both about 20 m long.
Numerous moving teddies, rabbits and other funny plush toys are a feast for the children’s eyes. In the children’s area – which will be further extended - children can do their laps on a great number of pedal cars.

The museum’s trademark is a giant made from tubes, about 12 m tall, with a rotating globe and a wheel in his hands. This is to symbolize that the wheel conquered the world.

A discovery center respectively museum like this is unique, not only in Germany but also in the world.